Breaking the Cycle of
     Intergenerational Prostitution.


  • Expressive Products



    Our hand-made products speak for themselves. Custom-orders and in-house designed textiles reveal a story of Indian women's dedication, craftsmanship, and distinction.



    Living wages, comfortable working conditions and women's ownership are our pillars. Sewing New Futures connects backwards caste women with fair wages for training and for work.



    Purchasing our products directly provides alternative livelihoods for marginalized Indian women who would otherwise be forced into sex-work. Your purchases are not only responsible, they are life-changing.




    Sewing New Futures is a 501 (c) 3.

    Your tax deductible donations provide poor adolescent women and girls with needed skill training, welfare support, and education for their children.


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    "The quality of the craftsmanship is outstanding, so I know I will have this piece with me for decades to come."


    - Amy Beam purchased from It's Only Fair , USA

  • Economic Empowerment



    Our women workers represent ‘backwards caste’ communities that have traditionally engaged in prostitution. Starting from around 14 years old, adolescent girls are married off and forcibly engaged in prostitution by their in-laws. Sewing New Futures is an alternative livelihood generation scheme so poor adolescent girls and women can break this vicious cycle of intergenerational prostitution.


    Our History

    This project came about because of a group of bold girls who were taking sewing classes asked how they could sell the products they made. They wanted a choice for their futures and money for their families. They were the ones that made the decisions for what hours they wanted to work and what they wanted to make.

    These women are not asking for handouts, they simply want the opportunity to show the outside world their talents and to make a brighter future for themselves through their own hard work.


    At our pilot center in Najafgarh on the outskirts of New Delhi, marginalized women have access to paid training and production related to sewing, appliqué, and textiles. Currently, Sewing New Futures is providing 40 women and adolescent girls with limited or no educational background or previous training with intensive support to gain skills. Our vision is to ensure marginalized women emerge economically empowered to sew their own future. 




    Social Enterprise Model

    Sewing New Futures applies a hybrid social enterprise model that merges the development aims of a non-profit with the sustainable approach of a business. As an Indian-registered Trust, we offer paid skill training, child-support and education for the women in our centre. 

    Sewing New Futures USA

    In May 2015, the Florida based non-profit Sewing New Futures-USA. We are a registered 501(c) 3. We currently support the project in India through selling the products at festivals and events. Our past events include Tilted Music Festival, Cottonwood, AZ and Gallery Night Pensacola, FL. 


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